Our New Puppy Comes Home

Maltese PuppyToday is the day we have all been waiting for since we went to the dog kennels 6 weeks ago to choose our new puppy. We had seen an advert in the local paper and had promised the kids we would get them a new puppy since Roger, our springer spaniel passed away just after Christmas.

When we arrived at the kennels they took us to see these tiny little white bundles. They all so looked  alike that we couldn’t tell them apart. The kennel owner took a deposit from us and agrees that we could come back a few weeks later when they would be more active to pick which one we wanted, he said they would have developed their own personalities more by then so we would find it easier to make a choice.

When we went back one of the puppies came bounding up to us and started tugging on Johnnie’s frog wellington boot, he wouldn’t let go and Johnnie finished up in a heap on the floor and the puppy started to lick his face. Johnnie was squealing with laughter and we all knew that this was going to be our puppy. They still all looked very similar so the man put a little blue collar on him so we knew that he was ours.

We went back again on a couple of occasions to see him but the time has been going so slowly but today we are going to get him. On our second visit we decided to name him Barney, Johnnie wanted to call him Kermit because of the welly boot incident but Kelsey pointed out that he was white and not green and that as snowballs are white that would make a much better name but we suggested that Barney would make a nice name for him. Kelsey liked the name too and said that it seemed to suit him – and decided that he obviously  liked it too because he came running when Johnnie called him.

We went out to buy him a puppy crate and Kelsey helped her dad to load it into the back of the car. She wanted to hold him on her lap for the journey home but dad said that Barney was going to have to travel in the back of the car so just as well that he gets used to that from the start. Once the crate was loaded up we were on our way it was only a 20 mile journey but it seemed to take ages and the kids were getting very excited but impatient too. When we pulled up into the drive of the boarding kennels Kelsey and Johnnie jumped out of the car and ran to the gate. We could see Barney because they had put him into his own little run ready for us and he looked so tiny all on his own! They let Kelsey and Johnnie into the run to play with Barney while my husband went with the man to pay him the balance. I could see Henry making his way out of the door and Kelsey saw him shaking the man’s hand  so she knew that meant that Barney was now ours, she squealed with delight and picked him up ready for the journey home.